In an age when most teens are still battling hormones and can’t decide if they’d rather be boy-scouts or chasing girls, Ronald Grauer, 15 years old at the time, was already some steps ahead having bought himself a MK2 and started mixing in his bedroom. By the age of 18 he was organising parties - back then still hip hop - but after his move to Zurich in 1999 he quickly had the breakthrough when he founded his Partylabel Fresh&Stable in 2001 which quickly established itself as an important brand in the nightlife scene. During that time the turntables were just secondary for Ronald Grauer: Organising parties was his clear focus. At some point, however, his love for music caught up with him and he teamed up with Phil Z’Viel who turned out to be the perfect booth partner. When Phil drew back from the business in 2012 he carried on by himself with bookings from all major clubs in town: Bellevue, Kaufleuten, Supermarket, Zukunft, Lexy and Hive just to name a few of the locations. In addition to that he played at several large festivals including the Open Air Frauenfeld. And then, around one year ago, he released his first production, the Hive audio release called "distant sound” and anyone who knows Grauer also knows: If it sounds like a next step it probably is one too.