In the early 90’s Quenum started his first label, Access 58, in London. Then in 2002 he founded Cadenza with Luciano. "Orange Mistake", the track they composed together as their first and founding release on Cadenza, is one of the most successful techno tracks of the decade. Quenum has released EPs on Crosstown Rebels, Rebellion, Get Physical, Thema, Serialism, Sys-tematic, Soma, Trapez, Contexterrior, among others. His music also appears on many compila-tions such as Fabric (Carl Craig mix), NovaMute and Cocoon. He now runs Clapper records from Geneva. Quenum started DJing professionally in the 1980's. He was attracted to clubbing through his passion for hip-hop and dancing. In 1984 he traveled to New York to dance with the Magnifi-cent Force at the Roxy Club, where he saw Herbie Hancock perform live with DJ DST - that was his first experience of live electronic music and he still credits it as a revelation and major influ-ence. Apart from his extensive music production and his flawless DJ sets, Quenum is open to new challenges and keen to experiment. He's played live for London Fashion Week and has composed background music for documentaries. He cites all the interesting people he's met as one of the most rewarding aspects of his job. Many of his achievements started first as an idea shared by two mates. He values friendship over all. Quenum is known for producing music which is groovy and positive. His tracks are built on warm baselines, proof of his African and Caribbean heritage. Quenum never loses sight of his first ob-jective, which is to make people dance and give them a joyful experience while they are in his command. He is, above all, a crowd pleaser.