Stephan Kohler (aka Mandrax) is an electronic musician, songwriter, record producer and DJ whose career spans over three decades. Born in Sweden, he grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland, where his musical activities started before spreading out to New York and further afield. Throughout the years he has been involved in all kinds of music-related ventures & cultural entrepreneurship, always driven by his passion for music (artist, producer, remixer, DJ, record label owner, music publisher, concert promoter, recording studio, lecturer, book publisher (“Dolce Vita A Music Club“), restaurant owner, radio show programmer, etc.).
In 2002, on the first album of Shakedown (a project with his brother Seb K) the duo released the huge hit and critically acclaimed “At Night”. It became the 2002 dance anthem, crossing over to national charts and peaking in the UK at 6th place with an appearance on Top Of The Tops, a first for Swiss musicians and a strange experience for the brothers who had spent a lot of time in London in their youth. Mandrax built a few record labels throughout the years starting in New York with Liquid Groove, then Boombastic and finally Panorama back in Europe. Production wise he has been involved in songwriting, production & remixing for all kinds of artists including: Bootsy Collins, Rinôçérôse, Mirwais, Royskopp, Les Rhythmes Digitales, Mousse T, Sly & Robbie, etc. and also for music for films “The Transporter 2” by Louis Leterrier , “ Les Corps Impatients” by Xavier Gianolli, “Heute Bin Ich Blond” by Marc Rothemund or an episode of CSI Miami/ Les Experts amongst others. After a 2 years stint as the Head of Popular Music at HEMU (Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne), a department that he designed, Mandrax has been spending most of his time on studio production. He is working on film soundtracks as well as on a new personal project album and well chosen DJ appearances, all inspired by his multiple musical influences ranging from post-punk to house music & electronica. He is also a music consultant for various entities.