kalabrese is one of the more glittering characters in zurichs music scene and mingling at the frontline as dj, producer, recordlabelmaker and as co-owner of the legendary club zukunft. through his very own style as a producer he caused a stir outside of switzerland. kalabrese debut album «rumpelzirkus»is a great piece of music. it rumbles and works the funk organically and song oriented and recevied good reviews in the independent dance-scene all around the world in 1997. the 2nd album "independent dancer" came out in may 2013 more and more you can hear the signature of kalabrese sound and his unique songwriting with vocals of him self and singers like khan from berlin or sarah palin and other friends. kalabrese has some fanbase all over the world. People who understand and enjoy that special nonperfect groove between indie-dance, funk, afro, house and blues. The zurich producer got well respected from other artists. matthew Dear, nicolas jaar, dj t, chloé, dixon and jazzanova and a few more used all kalabrese songs for their compilation and mix-cds (fabric mix, get physical, robert johnson) kalabrese did some remixes for artists and labels like; tosca, crosstown rebels, dop, drumpoet community, filewile, luke solomon, soulphiction, tuccillo, gregorythme and the excellent arabique song «elleli» witch was licensed for the famous house label innervision. Also starts a platform called rumpelmusig for his own music and the collaboration work with other artists. After a break, kalabrese came back 2015 with "signs" a stunning deep remix of the new album of frank wiedemann and ry x (howling).