Since Dejan can consciously use his senses, he has absorbed various multicultural music genres like a dry sponge. Son of Serbian immigrants but born and raised in Switzerland, he was used to be between the power of various cultural influences. His mother in particular passed a bottomless sense for rhythm and groove on to him, constantly inspiring the upcoming vinyl spinner with her rebellious taste for the Flower Power movement of the 60ies and 70ies. As an exceptionally gifted dancer, she treated her offspring with the most diverse music styles available at that time – from folk to Serbian music all the way to the genius Jimmy Hendrix. This multicultural range is still a sensible part in all of his DJ sets. And exactly this commitment to musical diversity makes Dejan nowadays a unique character in the night life circus. He takes listeners and ravers on an experimental, deep sound trip. His manifold sets arrange all kinds of sound bites: Spherical tones, hypnotic voices, old school trumpets, clangorous hi-hats, funky pianos, rocking guitar samples and dirty bass lines mix up to an unique groove pattern.