His activities with various DJs and musicians can be detected to many sources globally. Alex has had the opportunity to grace the turntables with many great DJs who have the utmost respect for his deep, bouncing & twisted obscurities of dancefloor tracks.
Since '96 he has been an active dj, producer as well as organising parties and running labels in Zurich, Switzerland. Alex is a big admirer of quality tracks as oppose to the usual crowdpleasing music which is played constantly at clubs. He has stuck with his vision of challenging things, rep-resenting the deeper side of clubmusic. because there's so much music to expands one's horizons and it's exciting for him to show the connections and progressions of styles & eras. A Good exam-ple of his versatility is his old label Straight Ahead and the music he produced as Earthbound with Alex Gustafson. A Genre-free zone which was a platform to house-producers, abstract b-boys, soulrebels as well as cosmic jazz acts. His intense passion to create space for the music he loves as well as the problems with greedy clubowners has forced him for his own good to run clubs and in 2002 he found himself co-managing Zurich's craziest club ever the Dachkantine. In 2006 he opened with some friends like Kalabrese the style-coining and very dedicated underground club Zukunft - a place of musical and artistical freedom. In 2006 he start also the label Drumpoet Community with Ron Shiller from Soultourist. He's too colourful or to multi-tasking to be de-scribed with a few words but simply said and written by a swiss journalist: A super big heart for good music!